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Monday, January 30, 2006

Cell phone help


currently I use Sprint as my provider but my contract is up. I am thinking about my options and have looked at various sites, but I am not sure what I want. I am hoping I can get some visitors here to give me advice. Thanks

Saturday, October 29, 2005


emotional I had the same reaction to Fitzgerald press conference as Hilzoy. That is my gut told me to trust him, and I certainly hope our guts are right, but parsing his language closely I have some second thoughts.

In a way I agree with the Republicans here Fitzgerald should have brought charges of espionage.

Excerpted from the transcript at:http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/28/politics/28text-fitz.html?pagewanted=all

QUESTION: The indictment describes Lewis Libby giving classified information concerning the identify of a CIA agent to some individuals who were not eligible to receive that information. Can you explain why that does not, in and of itself, constitute a crime?

FITZGERALD: That's a good question. And I think, knowing that he gave the information to someone who was outside the government, not entitled to receive it, and knowing that the information was classified, is not enough.

FITZGERALD: You need to know at the time that he transmitted the information, he appreciated that it was classified information, that he knew it or acted, in certain statutes, with recklessness.

(The problem with this is that Fitzgerald's own inditment shows that Scooter was well aware the information he was leaking was classified.)

But at the end of the day, I think I want to say one more thing, which is: When you do a criminal case, if you find a violation, it doesn't really, in the end, matter what statute you use if you vindicate the interest.

(Republican talking points demonstrate that just isn't so. A lot of people rolled over and went back to sleep, because they were not alerted by a sexy charge like espionage. That contributes to the damage done our national security, by encouraging Republicans to continue to demonstrate that they value the lives of intelligence sources abroad at less than nothing.)

If Mr. Libby is proven to have done what we've alleged -- convicting him of obstruction of justice, perjury and false statements -- very serious felonies -- will vindicate the interest of the public in making sure he's held accountable.

(As I pointed out above that aint necissisarily so. Also a pardon is likely to wipe out any benefit attending putting Scooter in jail might have.)

It's not as if you say, Well, this person was convicted but under the wrong statute.

(Reference to the Espionage act)

So there are people who should argue that you should never use that statute because it would become like the Official Secrets Act.

I don't buy that theory, but I do know you should be very careful in applying that law because there are a lot of interests that could be implicated in making sure that you picked the right case to charge that statute.

Me: I noticed that I didn't understand that phrase at the time he said it but looking at it in print I agree with Bilmon; its gibberish.

I also believe Bilmon when he says that based on the case Fitzgerald already has there is a better case for conviction under the Espionage act than some cases other prosecutors have already won. I hope Fitzgerald plans to bring such charges, but I am afraid he is going to take a dive.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Brad deLong: Once again points out the obvious

Brad dealing keeps pounding on the table as only an economist can do. He points out again and again that while there is reason to believe that economic growth may be lower in the future than it has been in the past, there is none to believe that stock market returns can offer historical profits in such a low growth environment.
Macro Lunch: "Asset Returns and Economic Growth
Yep. However:

1 If there is a trend toward lower economic growth, it has not so far as I am aware been reflected in our actual economic statistics.

2 The Bush administration has been working without cease to permanently increase returns to capital while depressing those to labor. They have enjoyed considerable success in achievinghose aims.

3 There are strong theoretical reasons to believe that the Bush administration by accomplishing (2) above, increase the chances of (1) becoming true.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Meeting with Mollohan's Office

If you are free on April 14th at NOON. I encourage all of you to come to Congressman Mollohan's Morgantown office to meet with his staff. This is a great chance to make sure that he shares our concerns with the way the administration is handling social security. Also this is an excellent opportunity for our group to introduce ourselves and hopefully gain a powerful ally.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A reminder to myself


I tend to forget this in all the econ doom and gloom.

CM- True enough, still as developing markets grow they will find they need more and more currency reserves. When the dollar depreciates everyone else in the world will find that they need a bigger (in absolute dollars) currency reserve to do the same job. I'm not claiming the situation is stable, but until another currency is ready to become the reserve currency, the US will be able to effectively tax the rest of the world. Since China and India are growing rapidly those "tax" revenues should be growing rapidly as well. So we get away with it, until we don't. Quiting this junk will be worse than giving up heroin, so maybe its a good thing Bush seems intent on ruining our "full faith and credit."
Frank | Homepage | 04.07.05 - 12:09 pm | #

Monthly Meeting

Thanks to everyone that attneded our meeting. I think it was very productive and that we hashed out a good bit of business. Also thank you to the members of Harrison County DFA for attending. It was really nice to hear how things are progressing in your neck of the woods.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Tom Friedman: Apologist for the Bush Administration


Last night I was reading a couple of posts by Jeanie de Arc on Tom Friedman href="http://bodyandsoul.typepad.com/blog/2005/04/john_paul_and_t.html">here href="http://bodyandsoul.typepad.com/blog/2005/04/tom_friedman_ha.html">and here

I thought she was too harsh on him having an econ degree myself.
"You need only read Tom Friedman's paean not to creating economic relationships that meet human needs, but to creating men and women who fit neatly into the economic machine, to see a perfect, and repulsive, example of what John Paul was talking about." Is just part of her critique.

Then I was going threw some old Globblog (General Glut)archive here about 60% down the page
I like his thinking though I often don't entirely agree.

"but is anyone naive enough to believe that no jobless recovery would have occurred on Al Gore’s watch?" Globblog asks.

And it occured to me that the whole point of Friedman's column "It's a Flat World, After All"... Flat World here
...is that its not Bush's fault that we are in a jobless recovery. Its because Americans are lazy and stupid. Which is of course BS of the rankest ordure. Americans work more hours than anyone in the industrial world. Americans have amoung the highest productivity and proportion of advanced degrees as well. Further and more importantly; The conditions he is describing in terms of access to productivity mediating software and connection to the internet Were already available to those in India and China well connected enough to have a good education

America isnt failing to maintain its technological/creative edge because of its workers. Bush is letting go of our strengths because he neither understands nor values them.

I agree with Elaine Supkis here Its not a coincidence that this administration is very good for Texas Oil Men. Nor that its bad for American IT workers. Thanks guys I now have a much lower opinion of Tom Friedman, not that it was high before, and a better understanding of why we are so screwed.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

How to turn your red state blue


Some really good ideas for proslytizing here: